March 3, 2014

Sexy Summer Drinks

Yay! Its Summmer The Best time of the season ! But it also means to keep your skin hydrated from the scorching summer sun and what best to do so by having some cool summer drinks!

Coconut Water:-

I swear by this drink its the best very refreshing, natural and fresh. Good for glowing skin as its called nature's ' Life Giving Skin' was used in World War II as supplement for blood, so you can imagine the wonders that it can do to your body and skin.

Cold Coffee:-

Yumm Drink for a hot evening especially when you are chilling with friends. Add some chocolate to it and Voila! it becomes more tasty.

Iced Lemonade with a twist :-

I love Mojito so I made a very mocktail twist to it
Lemonade Juice
Fresh Mint leaves
just blend all of this in the mixer and add a dash of ice with soda! Good for house parties.

Fruit Mocktails:-

Good way to detox this summer with some fruit mocktails. I personally love the berries n orange Mocktails.


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