March 29, 2014

My Natural Skin Routine For Healthy Glowing Skin

I'm Obsessed with my skin and take the utmost care to keep it healthy and glowing, its tough routine in today's world due to stress, pollution and erratic lifestyle the first signs of all these are felt on your skin making it dull or dry.I left eating non-veg when I had a bad case of rash breakouts and now I follow a healthy and strict pure vegetarian diet.
Here are some natural tips I wish to share with you too:-

1. Water & Healthy Drinks:-
I drink a bottle full of water first thing in the morning when I get up after which I don't eat or drink anything for half an hour. Water cleanses the system and hydrates the body after you wake up.
It is standard to drink 8 glasses of water everyday and to make it fun I add my favourite fruits like slices of lemon or apple or orange into the jug of water so that I enjoy drinking it. Apart from that I drink coconut water everyday, its nature's best mineral resource and healthy for the skin. Lemonade with Mint leaves is also very effective I call it the 'Vegetarian Mojito' keeps your skin cool in summer. Plus I love having a lot of vegetable juices mixed and matched daily by trying out different vegetables together like health drinks to repair and give an inward glow.


2. Milk & Milk Products:-
I know its a publicized fact that milk is not good etc etc people like drinking skimmed and toned milk these days as diet fads to get slim but I ignore all that cause I simply love milk. I have two full glasses of milk in the morning as well as night, I use the milk cream to apply on my face and lips to keep my skin soft. I love having curd which is rich source of calcium and is good for skin as well as hair.

3. Turmeric & Sandalwood Pastes & Wash Routine:-
This is a natural skin treatment take a bit of turmeric and sandalwood powder make it into paste with water and apply on face and neck, wash it after 15 mins it cures, nourishes and gives a healthy glow. Sometimes I apply turmeric to my face and neck just a bit for quick effect. Honey with lemon juice is a natural bleach apply on face and neck for 15 mins and wash off. I don't use soap on my face just a mild herbal face wash at night and I splash my face with water several times during the day to keep it free and breathing, I avoid heavy make up as it would clog the pores.

4. Oil Massages :-
Saturday is reserved for oil massages always I use olive oil or herbal based oil to massage my skin after which I take a nice warm bath helps me to relax my nerves and all the stress.

5. No to Junk Food, Alcohol & Smoking:-
Have you observed people who drink and smoke have dull black skin and lips and puffy face. I avoid junk food and all these other temptations to have a healthy breathing skin.

Avoid These Totally



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