March 22, 2014

In Vogue Or Not ? P.S. I Think Its going to be a sell out!!

"Who Says Dreams Don't Come True"
Here we have the most talked about couple in the world who have a very eccentric sense of fashion. Widely criticized for being able to express themselves freely in the manner of their lifestyle, quotes or dressing style one cant just ignore the popularity they garner from all the antics.      
Vogue has done a unpredictable job of getting them on the cover and within hours there has been a major public backlash regarding the same. It was hilarious reading all the comments on FB and twits on Twitter but no matter what as it is said "Any kind of Publicity is Good Publicity" I think this issue is going to be a major sell out on just out of the curiosity to know them more.
And another significant thing along with it is that famed fashion photographer Annie Leibovitz joined Twitter officially after the cover was announced was it another publicity gimmick or major support to the couple? Only time will tell.
Till then let's watch them toast a glass of success To Fashion!

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