March 4, 2014

Paintings! Just Wow!

I'm not much of a painter can doodle well if you ask me too but I love paintings my favourite artist being Vincent Van Gogh, I love his art one can imagine stories when you look at it. Mundane settings, rural landscape, couple or flowers everything seems to tell a story its simple amazing.
I can totally imagine a nice story sitting and having nice quiet evening at the Café Terrace or just staring at the beautiful star lit sky at night. Both of these are my favourite paintings of Van Gogh.
'Café Terrace At Night'

'Starry Night'

Going through I came across such artist by the name Richard Blunt and he creates amazing oil paintings on canvas, one look at it I honestly thought first they were photos but having a closer look made me realize that it can be so life like and perfect it blew my mind.

Can follow the artist on twitter @BluntArt or view his gallery at 

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