March 25, 2014

How To Make The Shopping Trip Enjoyable For Both

Your Trips to the shopping mall can make your partner cringe and to coax him out of the shopping blues and make it a positive experience for both of you here are some tips:-

Stroke his ego
When you're shopping with your man, let him know that you love his effortlessly casual style and that the shirt he's wearing really brings out his eyes. Or compliment his clothing and relate it to one of his body parts in a positive way. Butter him up with a couple of these type of compliments to put him at ease and chase ...away the anxiety when you mention the "F" word (we mean "fashion," of course).

Start shopping
After you've softened him up with compliments and heightened his confidence, subtly start picking out clothing for him that you think he would like. Start slow or else he'll start to notice your tactic. Casually pick out a collared shirt or casual tee and tell him how great it would look on him and why. Telling him exactly why is important because then you have a particular reason for picking that out. For example, tell him the collared shirt would look great on him because it has the clean-cut look (or whatever look he likes) that he tends to go for.

Sales, sales, sales
Unless you're dating Chuck Bass, your boyfriend will be into sales. The casual guy will love sales because he'd rather spend his money on "more important" things (although what's more important than clothes? I, personally, don't get it). At any rate, direct him toward the sale rack. If he's iffy about sales because he thinks they might be last season's styles, assure him that's not true -- and even f it might be, no one will (hopefully) notice.

Take your turn
By this time he should be more comfortable with shopping and maybe even enthralled by looking for clothes for himself -- so you could sneak off and get your shopping in. You can mention that you're leaving to shop for yourself now or you can just disappear -- it all depends how high his anxiety level is.

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