March 24, 2014

How To Look Exotic With Your Creativity !

Designer clothes can come as a slap on your budget sometimes and looking expensive always can cost you a fortune. Here are some simple tips to turn yourself into a creative designer yourself and transform your clothes into the labelled look.

1.Label Your Clothes :
Get the clothes you have. Look over them, and make two piles: Keep the Same and Makeover Stuff. If you simply want to re-do your clothes, skip to step three.

2. Get out your skills by stitching and sewing:
Re-do the clothes you have, and make these clothes more exciting. Ex: Unstitch the long sleeves on the pink shirt, dye it light blue, and unstitch the cheesy logo. This isn't absolutely necessary: it's a good way to save money, though.

3.Redo with Lace or Sequin:
Whenever you buy a simple pair ...of jeans, fix up rips that you don't like and add a cute patch, or rip your own jeans. Dye your plain, black hoody a funky blue or flirty pink. Make your style unique and make sure it reflects you, not someone you want to be. Add cute lace or sequin work on it.

4.Change the Button:

Perfectly passable inexpensive pieces are given away time and again by their crappy buttons. The good news is that all you have to do is go to a fabric store, buy more expensive looking buttons and replace those junky

5.Use An Exotic Belt or Sash:

If your cool, inexpensive new dress comes with a sash, chances are that said sash is junky looking. Ditch the flimsy faux-silk ribbon in favor of a thicker, less synthetic one from a craft or fabric store. Or, better yet, lose the sash altogether and add a nice belt.

6.Choose Cool Fabrics:

Style you can fake, fabric you cannot. Regardless of how great the shape is, cheap fabric is always obvious. Stay away from anything that’s more than 20 percent synthetic. Shiny things, too, take you down a dangerous road.

7.Spurge on Accessories:

You’ve saved money on the dress and jacket, so buy a kick ass pair of shoes. Not only will they look better now, they won’t fall apart next month. Cheap shoes, much like icky fabric, look obvious. Same goes for bags and belts. Every girl should own at least one nice purse and belt.

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