March 12, 2014

My Thoughts on Being a Liberal Woman

Out to celebrate "Woman's Day" with my girly gang I could not help but think that life has been so fair even with being the fairer sex for me. I had a good convent education went to the topmost city college am able to pursue my dreams and wishes as I feel without being restricted by marriage pressure or baby broodings. How many woman in the world can actually get to do as they feel?

People only talk about better and free education for the girl child but implementing it is still a milestone. Its the stereotype that a girl has to build the household and learn all the house tasks makes so many girls pushed back behind the walls of a kitchen when actually they should be learning new skills and lessons daily in school.

Even when we are progressing towards gender equality there are still many hurdles left to conquer and the biggest of all can come from your own family. I'm lucky to have come from a liberal household we were never discriminated into fitting ourselves into the mundane roles of a woman, my mom being a single mother I have learnt the qualities of independence and self worth from her hence I don't feel the need of a man to come and loosen his purse strings for me if I want to shop or buy things that I desire. Financial dependence kills the freedom and I don't believe in sticking to male counter part for it.

I'm free to express myself through my dressing style as well I can wear what I like and choose what fashion I want to follow, how many woman get to dress as they feel? Aren't there still biased discussions on how a woman is supposed to dress? or what makeup she is supposed to wear? just to garner some male attention. And even if she does wear and do her style is labelled as a sinner for inviting in eve-teasing and rape into her life; its that disgusting that a society that rants about feminism and women's liberation can take an ugly turn towards demeaning, spoiling and chaining women with their age old traditions.

About marriage and dating I'm free to choose a life partner as and when I want. I don't feel the need of a male company right now as I am busy establishing myself as a career woman. I mean I think about it most of my school and college friends are married and settled with kids and have choosen the quite life, go to see these were the ones that were once popular in school life I honestly thought they would be at the zenith of their career once out of school but you know how fate intervenes. Women cant really escape the wishes of their family to settle in soon. I have seen many such women who claim to be happy in their state of affairs but have a silent unspoken regret in their eyes about their unrealised dreams.

At least I'm not having any such regrets in life or having but's n if's to live with. And as I savoured into my chocolate mousse I felt delighted and free!
I'm Free! I'm A Liberal Woman!
Happy Woman's Day!


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