March 22, 2014

How are his Shoes and Dating Related ?

      " Men Say My Shoes have Saved Marriages " - Manclo Blahnik

What Do A Man's Shoe Reveal About Him? If Ur Dating and want to know more about him simply look at his shoes *.*

What material are his shoes made of?
“Material is a sign of his ‘outer skin.’ Is the material of his shoes dull, shined, or ‘distressed?’ Is it soft, flexible or easily scuffed? Or is it hard and rigid? The qualities that the material of his shoes expresses are a sign of what to expect from him in the relationship — especially when you see a pattern. Perhaps he ...only has soft, easily scuffed suede shoes. That would indicate that he has a high level of sensitivity and he’s easily hurt.”

How clean does he keep his shoes? –
A man’s shoes get more frequent wear than other pieces of his wardrobe. How he takes care of his shoes says a lot about him. If the shoes are clean enough, then it is quite evident that the person is well mannered and takes immense care of himself and the place he lives in. If you are a woman trying to judge a man by his shoes, you can rest assured that a man with clean shoes will take care of you as well.

How is his casual wear?
During informal occasions, a shoe that is full of colour and intricate design will mostly be worn by men who are more extrovert than others. These people will be more outspoken and vibrant – thus matching their shoes. A plain colour displays the fact that the wearer is slightly more laid back and introvert.

A man who wears expensive athletic shoes, whether he’s a competitive athlete or simply a man who likes pricey trainers, a guy with funds to spend on sport shoes is a man with cash enough to buy you a drink, dinner, and maybe much more. These kinds of men are mostly game-centric and perhaps athletic too. Their whole life revolves around playing a particular or a set of games. People like them like to enjoy their own space and are likely to be self oriented, only exception being any activity related to sports.

What is he likes oversize sports shoes?
Big shoes are a sign of protection. Don’t force him to leave his friends. Going out in groups will make him most comfortable. Also, if you don’t like having the group tag along, don’t date him.

If he likes cowboy boots it means he’s an independent adventurer. Don’t try to cage him. “If he wants to go on a motorcycle trip, let him go,” “He’ll come back.”

Men who prefer wearing sandals are generally free birds who would like to be out of bound. They are whimsical and wish to do things that are supported by their heart and not mind. He would love to travel outdoors, be it the mountain or the sea. Surprise him by planning an outdoor fun activity.

“Watch out for long and skinny flip-tip loafers! Those are player shoes, especially, when he’s sporting exotic leather. White loafers without socks are also very player-esque!”

So, what kind of shoes is a guy with great husband potential wearing?

“Great relationships, especially marriages, need compatibility. Make a list of the qualities you want to find in a husband. Then while out dating, take note of the qualities that his shoes express about him. Are they a match? Miles apart? Or is there some wiggle room? Be honest with yourself so you don’t end up dating a (shoe) frog when you are really looking for a husband.

“The shoes that have ‘husband potential’ are the ones that express the very same qualities that you are looking for in a man. This is not a ‘one size fits all’ situation. You need to find the right fit for you. When it comes to relationships, the wrong fit hurts more than ‘just a little.’”

So what is it about alligator loafers anyway?

“Alligator-skin shoes mean he’s a solitary creature who just may bite. Handle him with caution.”

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