May 17, 2014

Doe-Eyed Deepika Padukone's Limited Edition Van Heusen Collection- It Does'nt Merely Bask in the Sun it Celebrates It!

Deepika Padukone!-The Stunning long legged beauty has come a long way and conquered everyone's heart with her doe- eyed innocence and sheer grace with every performance. Not only a par excellence actress she is also a very vibrant and trendy fashionista and merging all these qualities she has created THE LIMITED VAN HEUSEN SUMMER -2014 COLLECTION!

What was her Inspiration?

Speaking of it she was inspired by the sunny and romantic locales of  The French Riviera, the fabric inspirations were luxury and comfort. As she puts in " I have tried to design a line that doesn't merely basks in the sun, but celebrates it ."

I love her collection its chic, vibrant, comfortable and modern. Perfect for daily as well as occasion wear.
You can view & shop her fabulous collection here:-


What is so cool about her ?

At the launch of her clothing line she had specially suggested to the brand that instead of making top models walk on the ramp they choose her fans from the different parts of the city.
The team then chose 10 female fans of Deepika from across the country.

Deepika spent time, interacted and groomed them. For this, Deepika has worked around her schedule, by shooting night to ensure she personally groomed these girls. In fact, Deepika was keen for them to get a taste of what it's like being a professional model. They underwent rehearsals, make up, grooming, trials and  everything else before they hit the ramp.

Since the ace actress herself believed in this idea, she took full responsibility of grooming the girls who would be walking the ramp for the very first time.

Said Deepika "I thought it would be interesting to pick girls who identify with the way I dress. We haven't selected them on the basis of their looks, height or whether they are experienced models. It was a random pick from the entries we had."
Deepika Padukone with her Fans on the Ramp!