February 28, 2014

Confidence Makes A Girl Sexy!

There is a new type of discrimination and cyber bullying going on these days and it pretty much takes the toll on the normal girl to look fabulous like pin up models, you have all these various categories defining your body type makes me feel as if are we really humans? Why don't men have body types? I wonder! (Have we woman invented all these types out of jealousy)
Tell me Who Looks More Sexy? All!!!
I personally feel all body types are beautiful and should be equally accepted. Woman are such conscious beings that even a tiny amount of waist line can cause such a deep misery into their thoughts that they run after fad diets, plastic surgeries, botox and hell knows what else. It's sickening to see the craze of artificial beauty when all you have to do is eat right and stay healthy it's that simple. I'm a big believer of being natural and organic,body type doesn't define me. It takes Confidence to make one look good in whatever skin and body one carries. Next time someone 'Fat Shaming' you just strut your stuff and show your confidence rest everything can be ignored you just have to be yourself everything else will follow.
Confidence Makes a Girl Sexy!

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