August 4, 2014

The Band of Friendship !

Just Celebrated Friendship Day and could'nt help reminiscing about how crazy we were in school to make Friendship Bands!
Each band would be colourfully different and woven with lots of love and personalized with names or beads to make it look more attractive. Some would be special with hearts and love symbols to be given to a special friend.

How to make a Basic Friendship Band
History of friendship bracelets Because the candy stripe friendship bracelet is a rather simple and common form, it is a good one for beginners. To begin, three strands of embroidery floss 60 inches long are needed. The floss strands are held lengthwise and folded in half. A knot is made at the looped end, leaving a loop about one-half inch at that end of the bracelet. This loop may be taped to a table or chair or pinned to a craft pillow while the bracelet is knotted.

History of friendship bracelets
The piece of floss on the far left is brought up over the second string so it resembles the shape of the number four and is then pulled back around the second string through the opening of the four. This sequence is repeated in the same manner with the same two pieces of string to form two identical knots. Working in this same manner, the first string is used to tie knots on the third string, and then each successive string until the end of the row is reached.

The process is continued with the new string on the farthest left, which is now used to tie knots on each successive string. Rows are added until the bracelet reaches the desired length. At this point, the strands are separated into two separate groups, and each group of three strands is braided until it is at least four inches long and then knotted. The ends of strands are then trimmed.

Now the bracelet is ready to be tied on the wrist of a friend. One of the two braided ends is pulled through the loop, and the two braided ends are tied together.

Take some time off to make these bands of Love they are knots that hold a thousand memories of friendships near and far and mine are tucked in a box full of love reminding me of days gone by.

                               Happy Friendship Day !

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