March 23, 2014

What Can U Raid from Your Boyfriend's Closet ? ;)

The Button Up:
If your boyfriend is a size or more larger than you; his button ups will be a perfect fit. Men’s shirts are cut straight and are often several inches longer than female button ups, This roominess allows for a more comfortable fit. Cuff the sleeves up to or past your elbow and wear with denim cutoffs for a casual summer look. If your beau’s button ups look more like dresses on you, try wearing them as light weight bathing suit cover ups.

The V-Neck: 

If you want a cute v-neck, but are worried about excessive cleavage, the men’s v-neck is the way to go. These solid stand-by's are often sold in 3-packs and come in a variety of colours and styles. The v ranges from just a small dip at the collarbone to a deeper v, which goes a few inches lower on the chest. In my experience, these shirts are often comfier and less expensive than women’s v-necks and provide a middle ground between the crew neck and the deep v.

The Jeans: 

You may have thought men’s pants were entirely off-limits, but they are totally doable. Size is a more important factor here than with shirts, and sometimes translating your size into men’s sizes can be confusing. Pull on his jeans (if they fit!), peg the legs to just a few inches about the ankle, tuck in a cute feminine top, slip on flats and you’re totally cute, comfy and ready to go.

The Blazer: 

Yes, we all know the boyfriend blazer was a hit in the fall, but did you ever think to actually borrow your boyfriend’s blazer? Almost every guy has some sort of sport coat he keeps on reserve for dinner with the relatives twice a year. Although you may have to be careful that the shoulders are not too broad, the boyfriend blazers look great when worn over spring dresses and skirts or paired with jeans and a t-shirt.

Men's Belt:

The easiest way to make a ‘too big’ belt is to bypass the belt prong and knot the excess around the buckle. This is a great trick for making your waist appear smaller.

Large Faced Men's Watch:

Wear a men's watch is piled with a bunch of metal bangles. This makes the perfect mix of feminine and masculine. Don't feel like wearing a skirt and heels? This outfit would also look great with cuffed jeans and flats.


 Knot it around your waist as a sash; or tie it in a loose bow around your neck.


The perfect finish to any outfit.

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