April 11, 2014

My Favourite Makeup Trends For Spring/Summer

A Vibrant makeup gives a new definition to the face and makes you feel beautiful and spring/summer is the time to try out various shades of lipstick and eye makeup inspired by nature.With brightly coloured lids and bare faces, embellished hair and stark polish do it on your personal style or imitate the celeb fashion brigade.
Here are some of my favourite make up picks :-

1. Soft Berry Lips :-
A great way to wear soft berry lips is to first apply a clear coat of lip balm. This will moisturize your lips so they don't look dry when you apply colour. Next, take a berry lipstick and apply it to your lips using your ring finger. This will distribute colour to your lips without looking to heavy or over- done. This doesn't have to be perfect. Simply apply the colour and press your lips together to smooth out any harsh lines. 

2. Orange Lips :-
I'm using a lot of this trend I just love my orange lips its so summery.When it comes to orange lipstick, go for a colour with more red in it as opposed to more yellow. Too much yellow in an orange lipstick can be tricky to wear because it can make you look sickly. Unlike berry lips, orange lips look best when they are neat and clean. Take your orange lipstick and apply it with a lip brush to get a smooth line and even application. Clean up any mistakes with a Q-tip.

3. Blue Eye Shadow :-
This Spring, think saturated colours across the eyes. There are several ways to wear cerulean blues so it should be easy to pick a style that suits you best. One way is to line the lower lash line with the colour while keeping the top half of the eye naked or neutral. Another way is to pop the colour on the outer corner of your eye while keeping the inner two thirds of your eye free of the vibrant colour. Lastly, the most subtle way to add colour is with an eyeliner. Simply line your waterline and add mascara to curled lashes with neutral lids. 

4. White Eye Shadow :-
White looks pristine on the eye think about giving it a cat eye look with a thin white liner adding a hint of glitter to it.

5. Glowing Skin :-
Glowing skin is beautiful paired with the pops of colours mentioned. To keep your look from falling flat, make sure your skin is taken care of by exfoliating, moisturizing, and keeping a light hand when applying foundation. You want to look fresh for Spring, so stay away from heavy duty foundations that can make you look cakey. 

6. Pop of Green :-
This colour is definitely for colour lovers. Take any green shadow and drag it along your lower lash line. Keep the rest of your look neutral and let the green be the stand out. Think creamy shadow on the lid and a basic brown in the crease.

7. Art Pop :-
In an age when the beauty aesthetic, due to the increased accessibility of celebrity imagery, is becoming increasingly homogenized the art of changing your face into a canvas is the new style trend.Use your artistic skills and create a bright blue or green combined look for the eye and go for a bright orange lipstick. Inspired from Art by Lady Gaga.



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