July 24, 2015

Zombie Bride Halloween Party - The Diva Challenge

Zombie Bride Halloween Party - The Diva Challenge

Zombie Bride Halloween Party - The Diva Challenge by beautiliciousfreaks featuring halloween home decor

It's Halloween on the Diva Challenge and what better way to celebrate dress up by being a Zombie Bride! 
Zombies are all the rage these days and to be able to stand out amongst the different costumes during Halloween dressing up like a corpse bride gives a whole new edge albeit with a little blood on the wedding dress. Embrace the scary side by wearing the Zombie Bride Costume and look every part glamorous as well as totally haunting.

Some Handy Tips on Makeup:
Do not use your regular concealer or foundation application, make full-on advantage of your undereye circles. Be sure to use white makeup that is specifically designed for the face to avoid break out after hours of wear. 
Contour your cheekbones and sides of your forehead using a charcoal grey eyeshadow or cream paint.
A raspberry/plum-color shadow, like Tarte Cosmetics Soft Sienna, and a tapered blending brush, creates a weary look.
Apply the same shadow to the upper inner crease creating a full C shape at the inner corners of the eyes and then brush gently over the lid.
Create a triangle shape with the front of your brow being the top corner of the triangle to easily apply the shadow.
Fully contour your cheeks and forehead using the same eyeshadow.
Cover lips extensively with white cream paint using a sponge, to add drama and gore paint a skeleton smile.

Skeleton costume

Leo white pumps

Black purse

Black hair care

Halloween home decor

Halloween home decor

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