July 22, 2015

Movie Date - The Diva Challenge Day 3

Movie Date - The Diva Challenge

The first date went successfully and tonight being excited for the second date which happens to be a Movie Date on the Diva Challenge. Movie dates are meant to be fun and flirtatious at the same time instead of choosing a tear-jerking romantic movie I preferred Dirty Dancing! For this particular enjoyable soirée I chose a sexy, peppy, flirty style! The ensemble is breezy, chic, and young just like the cast of the movie, the accessories complementing the visuals and the make-up subtle like the dance moves. I'm sure your date would get smitten with this bodacious enticing vogue. 

Enjoy some delicious chocolate popcorn and comment on my inspirational style!

 Movie Date - The Diva Challenge by beautiliciousfreaks featuring a home theater sign

Miguelina top

Alice Olivia beige purse

Navy jewelry

Sole Society metal bracelet

Eau de perfume

Movie wall art

Wall art

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