July 20, 2015

We need #Curvy back on Instagram for Fashion Addicts!

Image Courtesy: Pinterest
Well since the photo sharing giant Instagram has come up with the #curvy ban I have been wondering is it even necessary. I'm a plus size princess and flaunting my curves is something that I'm proud of ! A survey by OkTrends indicates that girls who find themselves "curvy" are happiest about their sexuality, it has also been projected that women prefer to choose ''curvy'' as body type on dating sites like OKCupid. So why ban the #curvy tag on Instagram then?

#Curvy is a body type and it does not always indicate inappropriate pictures or nudity hence the ban denies the right of positive self-expression by beautiful curvy women who wish to inspire the fashion scene with their #ootd's and chic confidence.

Delivering her views on the Curvy Ban with Business Insider, Fashion Blogger Sarah Chiwaya of Curvily says that "The idea that all bodies are beautiful and worthy of respect is starting to take hold in a way it never has before and a big reason for that is the increased representation of different body types on social media. For Instagram to stomp all over one of the most popular hashtags for women above model size is incredibly disappointing."
Staying updated on Instagram might just be a daily trend for some, but for "curvy" divas it’s a movement and so we need to get the #curvy right back on!

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