April 10, 2014

A Combination of Spring/Summer Fun Colour Tones to Choose For Easter Dress !

Its almost a week before Easter and shopping frenzy for the outfits have began so 'What are the colour tones you can choose for your perfect Easter Outfit'?
Colours for Easter are bursting forward with renewed energy like nothing ever seen before.
When selecting colours for Easter select those radiating energy such as Bellflower, Cabaret, Cockatoo, Driftwood, Margarita, Sodalite Blue, Solar Power, Starfish, Sweet Lilac and Tangerine Tango. Experiment with ensembles by mixing and matching one tone with another or adding a splash of one or two of these together as an ensemble.

Cabaret For lovers of pinks, magentas and roses, Cabaret is for you. Cabaret is the romantic colour that's sensual and warm. Pair Cabaret with Starfish, Driftwood or Bellflower.

Cockatoo is an aquatic tone reminiscent of a gorgeous peacock spreading it's wings. Not only is the colour sophisticated, it's conservative with a unique spin. Pair Cockatoo with Starfish for a gorgeous ensemble.

Want a subdued purple? Bellflower is for you. It's not the regal tone, but more of a quiet hue. Pair Bellflower with Driftwood or Starfish.

Margarita is described as stimulating, refreshing, and uplifting. Similar to the drink: Margarita. Margarita is the hue that makes you want to wear it more. It's a colour that combines yellow and green to make a gorgeous hue of mint. Pair Margarita with Driftwood or Starfish for a sophisticated, winning combination.

Sodalite Blue
Sodalite Blue is the colour that is reminiscent of America. It brings order to your wardrobe. Pair Sodalite with any colour in the spring palette.

Solar Power
Warm, energetic and cheerful, Solar Power is invigorating and stimulating. Solar Power has the look of a bright lemon. Combine it with colours of lemony outfits similar to those of Sodalite Blue or neutrals such as Starfish and Driftwood.

Starfish and DriftwoodStarfish and Driftwood are the neutrals of the season. Driftwood has a grey and beige tone and Starfish has a mushroom or taupish tone. The two can be paired with any of the colours in the 2012 spring palette to enhance or accentuate.

Sweet Lilac
A mixture of purple and pink, Sweet Lilac is a reminder of romance. It's all about spring, love, the birds and the bees. Combine the colour of Sweet Lilac with Driftwood or Margarita for a winning combination.

Tangerine TangoSimilar to an orange, Tangerine Tango is invigorating, bright and bold. For a really daring statement, pair Tangerine Tango with Solar Power or Bellflower.


Easter and spring combined is about a resurrection of life and a renewal of the mind, body and spirit. And a blend of perfect colours can radiate and transform your outfit into the perfect wear for the season!


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