July 15, 2015

The Diva Challenge

The Diva Challenge

The Diva Challenge by beautiliciousfreaks on Polyvore

Thnx to the Liebster Award me and Natalia from XOXOmake have become fashionable friends and during our camaradrie sessions on the FB chat we came up with the #TheDivaChallenge. If your a fashion blogger you must be familiar with the polyvore challenges, well this is on the same lines. We decided why not play Diva for one whole week and give ourselves and fellow fashionistas a chance to know each other as well as participate in healthy fashion contest. 

The challenge is simple "A one week FASHION challenge where themes are given and you have 24 hours to create an outfit and post the results on your blog. It will be fun to have our fashion sistas from all over the world on board! 

For more details refer to and join us on: #THEDIVACHALLENGE 

Wish to see this trending! 

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