July 28, 2015

Top 7 Tracks on My Fitness Playlist

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How many of you love to groove during a power workout? I love to dance and I feel dancing is the best way to stay fit. An energized track can turn up the tempo on the fitness floor and make one enjoy the regime instead of just taking it as a routine. Shed those extra inches and get into tip-top swimsuit shape with my 7 pulse-pounding music playlist

1. Shakira - Empire Remix 

Shakira is the queen of sexy dancing and this track sure makes you want to move your hips and belly!

2. Bad Blood - Taylor Swift 

If you need some kick-ass inspiration to look like the femme fatale's of this video then this track gives the crazy guns inspiration. 

3. Fast and the Furious Sound Track 

Getting toned to the pulsating tracks of this hard core action movie inspires you to look leaner and meaner.

4. Waiting for Tonight - JLo 

JLo's assests are timeless and dancing on her rhythm brings blood on the fitness floor.

 5. Work Bitch - Britney Spears

I think Britney spells out what everyone wants in this world - a bikini bod, chauffeured driven limousine, partying around the world, and being famous. The price of which is Work Bitch!

6. Blow - Kesha

Kesha blows up with her voice and optimistic music and this upbeat track gets one grooving instantly. 

7. Monster Mix - Lady Gaga

Mother Monster gets me reeling to her beats and does not let my feet stop even for a minute while I workout.

Hope my playlist packs in some motivating punch to achieve a balance on the scales and stay fit and healthy.

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