February 27, 2014

Music Muse..

My ears have come across some great music lately by some rising artists thought I would share with you..

1. Joe Ryan - Album 1879

Came across his album while downloading songs, pretty good listen I personally love the track 'Boomerang Love ' unfortunately the track is not available on You Tube. But one can download it from englishsongs.in

2. Brianna Fletcher Single Track - 'Waste Time'

Pretty melodious voice I came across on Twitter can follow her @brifletcher

3. Jacob Miller Single Track- 'Nervous'

Another Voice I came across on twitter can follow him @JacobMiller70. Country Music feel to the song and amazing guitarist his song is peppy n fun to hum along.

Keep u updated on all the new voices coming up. U can follow me on twitter @MaVeronD

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