February 15, 2014

The Single Life...!

Almost touching 30 and still SINGLE! Hmm.. this is the reaction I get from many of my Family and Friends but how do I explain to them that im happy with myself being independent, free and least bothered to impress anyone just for the sake of dating.
I totally don't understand the fuss of having a boyfriend I would prefer to have someone as a best friend with whom I  can chat and be myself have mundane daily conversations, show my feisty anger, say and do what I feel rather than being plastic and pretend to like everything that revolves around me and him.
I have come to a point where mushy love just doesn't exsist for me I cringe from the thought of receiving all the red roses or declaring sweet nothings and behaving like a teeny lover all hand in hand embrace. I have matured to understand that I can have my own space and yet be special for someone without asking him to mould his space for me.
I Enjoy being Me!

Here's Wishing A Very Happy Valentine To Myself and to All Other Single's !
 Enjoy Following your Dreams!

Celebrate Yourself and the World will just Follow!
P.S. I love this song :)


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