February 26, 2014

Trending Women I Follow

I Love, Admire, Loath, Follow n totally Worship these women their Fashion timing and trends everything. These are the Diva's and Fashion Czarina's for Me!

1. Victoria Beckham

Lovely, Bold and Empress of the Fashion Secret she totally rocks any style be it casual or formal she carries herself with aplomb. She seems a bit mysterious but that only adds to her charisma, her co-ordinating outfits with her equally handsome and successful husband David Beckham was quite a rage during their early days of dating. I love admiring her business acumen on how she has made a brand name for herself. I can see that her cute brood of kids are following very well in her footsteps.
She is totally the 'Rock Star of Fashion'.

2. Olivia Palermo

Delicate Darling she looks cute in any outfit. I completely adore her lace outfits, the pretty frocks and casual wear. Her dressing sense stems from being a typical New Yoker her pretty look in leather jackets, business jackets, boots, leggings makes her a city babe.

3. Duchess Of Cambridge: Kate Middleton

The Elegant Princess she truly is the Royal Personification of Fashion. I love to see her in her formals gowns and dresses though lately she has been under fire for her hairstyle and dress length from the Royal brigade, yet I find her impeccably dressed for any occasion. I think haters can keep hating but she is going to stay!

4. Miley Cyrus

Yeah!! Bangerz its Miley Cyrus the sweet girl turned wild child of Music industry I admire her bold fashion her never give a f**k about anyone's opinion and do your own thang kinda attitude. Everybody criticising her and then following her 'Bob Cut' she can make the world twerk to her tunes. She's totally the Rock Chic.


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