April 7, 2014

How To Get Rid of Fake Tan


1. How to fix… orange hands
Mix the juice of one lemon and a few tablespoons of salt together in a bowl, then spend a few minutes rubbing the mixture between your hands before washing off. If you need a little extra help, up the ante by trying “a mixture of crushed dishwasher tablets and lemon juice,” suggests tanning pro James Read.  “The detergent will help bleach out the orange stains.” Wash off after a few minutes and thoroughly moisturise your hands afterwards.

2. How to fix… streaky legs

Uneven tan application can result in zebra-style stripes on your legs. Don’t freak out though – it’s easily fixed. First, “apply an oil-based fine-grained body scrub directly onto dry skin and spend a few minutes massaging it in,” advises tanning guru James Harknett. “The oil will help the fake-tan break down, and the grains will exfoliate your skin.” Next, jump in the shower to wash off the scrub, then shave your legs – shaving will act as a second exfoliation.

3. How to fix… when you’ve gone too dark

If you’ve left tan on for too long and you’re looking more mahogany than golden, “massage a body oil, like Baby Oil or coconut oil, all over your body.”Wait for 30 minutes, then take a soak in a hot bath and use a flannel to buff your body all over to remove the oil. “Oil and hot water help accelerate the breakdown of fake tan.”

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