July 20, 2014

Wearing a Piece of History: 'Rebirth Italy' By Studio F Design for Wowcracy Endless Fashion Week

The collection that I show you today is focusing on the materials used, such as metal combined with recycled leather or fabrics and the design, elements that give to this line a distinctive and unique character! Showcasing 'Rebirth Italy' an exclusive entry in the Wowcracy Endless Fashion Week!

Rebirth Italy is an Ecodesign jewellery collection, hypoallergenic and lightweight designed by a team of extremely fashion and design conscious women at Studio F Design.
Termed as  “Wearable Sculptures”. The inspiration evokes from ancient times of Imperial Rome and Ancient Egypt, cultures in which jewels were an essential expression of female sensuality.
The contemporary ancient feel of the line is embodied by the matter: metal paired with leather or reclaimed textiles.The metal foil, lightweight, versatile, hypoallergenic and completely recyclable, retains its brightness through time.The lightness and softness of the metal make it adaptable to the body.The Fine Leathers used are all cutoffs from shoes, bags and clothes hence nothing is wasted - even tiny scraps can find their place on a new exclusive piece. And this is the collection’s trademark. Beautifully crafted and eco-friendly these unique designed pieces can make u feel like 'Wearing a Piece of History'.

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