July 23, 2014

Crazy Yarn! Cats In Hats Kintwear n Accessories : Cat Brothers for Wowcracy Endless Fashion Week

Grandma's Kitting Just got Upgraded to Cool Hip Hop and Gen Next Wear! The Capsule Collection by Cat Brothers from London is the eye-catchy creation for Wowcracy Endless Fashion Week.
Cat Brothers :
Cats Brothers as a brand was conceived by designers Anna Wilkinson and Lindsay McKean on a night out at a Mexican themed restaurant on the Day of the Dead when they decided to pay homage to dead rappers through knitwear. Their stand out collection takes pre-printed t-shirts that are then embroidered over, giving new life to those heavily-reproduced iconic images of Tupac, Biggie Smalls and MCA from the Beastie Boys. Other areas of the collection really show off skull crochet, sarape stripes and paisley beading running riot over bomber jackets, hooded sweatshirts, cropped tees and customised vintage denim pieces. Through the exposure by Browns Focus they have gained an international reputation and fan-base, the most flattering of which was spotting Jordan Dunn in one of our Tupac t-shirts in Beyonce's XO video!
Cats In Hats Kintwear n Accessories:
CATS IN HATS is a capsule accessory collection designed exclusively for WOWCRACY to showcase and complement the Cats Brothers CRAZY HOMIES A/W 14 knitwear collection. They have since designed Crazy Homies Part Deux, the woolier, fluffier A/W version of the original collection. The Collection is trendy,colourful and has a crazy fun hip hop style to it, the hats are particularly freaky and creative. So if you are a fan of hip hop or want to show your love for rap music or just be freaky then check out the Cat Brothers Cool Collection !
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