July 14, 2014

Futuristic Jewellery with a Social Cause: ECOLORIUM by Elena Corchero for WoWcracy Endless Fashion Week

Stunning and beautiful ALBEDONITE Stones are the jewellery of the future, featuring as one of the finalists in The Wowcracy Endless Fashion Week these are designed by a very talented designer Elena Corchero.

Elena Corchero

Elena Corchero is a 'Technology Artisan' a term coined by her specialising in smart materials, electronics for wearables and new prototyping technologies. Her work has earned many international awards, exhibitions and publications. She studied Fine Arts in Spain, specialised in Interactive design in Germany, and is an alumni of MA Textile Futures at Central Saint Martins in London and a former MIT Media Lab Europe researcher.
In 2008 Elena founded her studio Lost Values in London to focus her work and research on the use of new technologies to challenge the role of an artisan, sustainability responsibilities and the multidisciplinary integration between science and art.
Many of her projects have evolved into innovative brands such as LFLECT, reflective wool products locally sourced and produced, ZIPPYKIT, designing smart materials educational toys, and ECOLORIUM an environmental brand that contributes to Skin Cancer Research.


The ECOLORIUM House is a British brand of luxury lifestyle products, recently awarded at Enjoia't Contemporary Jewellery Competition, and it is the third smart-materials brand developed by STUDIO LOST VALUES - The smart twist of sustainable design - Founded by Technology Artisan Elena Corchero.An Eco-Friendly lover will definitely love to wear the beautiful ALBEDONITE a cultivated stone with shades of white crystals and a subtle appearance of Rose Quartz. These stones have a very peculiar behaviour they reveal their colourful nature a bright buzzing fuchsia when exposed to UV rays. This change can bring to our attention the dramatic and dangerous invisible changes of Global Warming.
There is a very special cause attached to this wonderful project:
For every piece purchased online you contribute with donations to Melanoma Skin Cancer Research. Hence join in changing the future with this innovative Jewellery!
You can pre order the project here:-


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