May 4, 2014

I'm a Happy Street Shopper !

"Let's go shopping" is one of my favourite phrase and yes I haven't left my teenage habit of Street Shopping on F.C.Road and Tulsi Baug ! It has stuck with me since my college days when I shopped on a string budget and wanted to look fabulous in college.

Tulsi Baug :-
If ever you get a chance to visit the serene city of Pune don't forget to visit Tulsi Baug the great ladies shopping market you can get plenty of latest ladies items here and mainly this is know for bargain, the more you bargain you are sure to get best deal. The most variety you get is for imitation jewellery,make-up kits, daily care products, kitchen utensils, linens, footwear, handbags, bindis, iron stands, crockery, gift articles & the hosiery products. One can spend hours strolling through the fashion lanes filled choc-a-block with fancy items and a myriad of colours and things to choose from.

F.C.Road :-
It gets its name from the famous 'Fergusson College'  the place I graduated from. I spent most of my teenage years shopping on this road and its a youngsters paradise.
Today is ever changing trend in fashion, its hard to beat the budget if u want to match up with the fashion trend. People nowadays go shopping every weekend and we still want to maintain your budget. Fergusson College Road Market is the best place for you. In this roadside shopping place in Pune you can find cloths, footwear, fashion accessories, home-decor items at cheap price. The main market starts near Goodluck Cafe and is spread on both side of road till Millennium Plaza.
Even on a quick stroll of this busy road one cannot help but notice the plethora of shops that have mushroomed here and are great stops to score some trendy casuals. One can even find a number of accessories here as well as a few shops that sell authentic traditional clothing. Take a quick look and you are guaranteed not to walk out without buying something.

What All can you Bargain For :-

1. Fancy Handbags

2. Fancy Watches

3. Footwear

4. Fancy Belts, Bangles, Bindis, Imitation Jewelleries, Nail Polish & Hair Clips


5. Clothes
If you are looking at funky products, fabulous bargains, or simple photo opportunities, Tulsi Baug and FC Road in Pune are a must try. Navigate your way through traffic, kids selling stickers and balloons, and other shoppers as you peruse the stalls. From branded items off the runways to dirt-cheap seasonal trends, its a fusion of traditional and modern styles. These shopping destinations in Pune attract a whole lot of young college crowd, looking out for inexpensive trendy items. The quality of the products picked up is questionable, but something worth Rs 300 that lasts for 3 months is something that most of us as shoppers can live with.
The people, the smells, the tastes, the organised chaos, the cacophony of sounds -- all of this combined makes for an enthralling shopping experience. There are two rules that we absolutely must not forget while street shopping: a) Don't buy in haste, there is ALWAYS a better deal waiting for you at the next store; b) Bargain.
Street shopping is an exciting experience, you never know what you might find. Every buy here has a story. Plan out a day of street shopping with your girls, and shop till you drop! End it on a relaxed note with wine and kebabs at the Greek-themed bistro.

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