May 12, 2014

5 Things I Learnt From My Stylish and Beautiful Mom!

Hi Everyone! Howz your Mother's Day weekend ! I pampered my Mom a lot we went in for a Spa Day did some shopping together and I cooked a sumptuous dinner in the end to round off the day, it was fun! Mind you my Mom is so stylish and sexy that I envy her I don't often follow her style she is more haute couture n all and I'm more like a tom boy sans makeup and too much frill in everyday life but when I have to dress up and look my best I take fashion tips from her. Here are some of the awesome things I learnt from her:-

1. Wearing Sleeveless is Ok!

When I was a kid my Mom used to stitch pretty frocks frills, laces n ribbons and they were either with puffed up princess sleeves or sleeveless. And I hated sleeveless I used to feel that everyone would be staring at my arms maybe becoz I was a chubby little kid, but now I Love it and my summers are never complete without sleeveless shirts or tops paired with light coloured jeans.

2. Carry a Silk Scarf !

Its gorgeous, shiny, and delicate fabric that makes you feel like a million bucks the Silk Scarf is the ideal accessory to complete any look. This classic is perfect for any stylish occasion. And of course you can double it to use it as sun protection or simply style it around your neck indoors to make any boring outfit look trendy.

3. She Got me Addicted to Kajal !

 Kajal or kohl is used to highlight the eyes. Applying kajal is very good for eyes because it cools down the eyes and when applied at night before going to bed, it cleanses the eyes by wiping out dirt.
It defines the shape of eyes & makes them more prominent & charming. I use Blue n Green coloured Kajal in summers to match my outfit style. This is the only piece of makeup I apply daily.

4. I Learnt to Love Lace !

I wanted all my dresses stitched in lace when I was small I loved it that much and still love it. Its delicate feminine and intricate. One of the greatest features of Lace is that it can be styled to look super sweet, by pairing soft and flowy silhouettes with delicate accessories ; or it can be styled to look edgy and sharp, by matching bolder cuts of fabric with heavy metal inspired accessories.
Go for a Lace dress or skirt in a classic cut and a neutral colour, and pair them with simple and understated accessories. If you choose a Lace skirt, a neutral blouse looks the most sophisticated. There is nothing more lady-like than a little white lacey dress. So pretty.

5.  She made Me Spa & Beauty Routine Freak !

Who doesn't love a lovely massage and get pampered ? I'm so addicted to it ! Aromatic oil massages or chocolate wraps I have done them all and talk about beauty routine I love apply sandlewood and turmeric paste before going for a bath. We have jars of orange peels crushed into powder and rose water, sandlewood powder, fuller's earth, crushed herbs, aromatic oils, bath salts etc etc, everything to have a perfect spa day at home. I got the habit of applying raw vegetable juices on the face when cooking in the kitchen, my mom always says that it makes the skin glow and remain supple.

Some things you learn to keep it with you through out your life and lessons learnt from Mom are always valuable! :) :)

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