December 28, 2014

Winter Styles I'm in Love With!

Hola! Winter is giving quite the chills but there are sure some awesome styles I loved that look very wearable and carnal on the style meter!

                                                Warm Cashmere Coat and High Heels

The most luxurious material combines with soft warm indulgence. The simple aesthetics highlights the beautiful and cozy texture of the fabric. A versatile coat that's perfect for every occasion, from casual to formal. Pair it up with stilettoes, high boots, or nude heels and look glamorous on the go.

                                                                Blanket Ponchos

Nothings more sexy than rolling over in a blanket and walking on the streets! The wool blanket ponchos, knitted in muted yellows, reds and blues, with monogrammed initials on the zig zagged pattern are hot on the runway as well as the elite fashion squad.
                                                    Ugly Sweater and Mini Skirt
No! No! Don't throw that old grandma knit sweater yet instead pair it up with a leather mini, stockings, and boots to create a smash winter look. Who doesn't love a hand-knit, fuzzy sweater with wacky prints to snuggle in? No one should call that ugly!

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